Travel has changed my life more than any job, degree, relationship, or promotion ever has.  Growing up, I was very fortunate to see a lot of the world but I always dreaded our next family trip.  Back then I was a homebody and would get homesick for my own bed at even the thought of a night away.  Sleepovers with friends were out of the question, and I even left sleep away camp after two nights and had to be rescued by my mother at the age of 15.  Traveling with my parents, I hated the delays we would inevitably experience while flying, my motion sickness was horrendous, my type A family never took any time to relax on trips, and sharing a hotel room with my older brother also resulted in fighting.

Leaving home at age 17 to move to Chicago just days after high school graduation gave me an instant boost of confidence and I felt settled in my new city right away.  My mom actually insisted I start the summer before the fall semester because my family was not so secretly worried that I wouldn't be able to handle being away from home at all.  I quickly became accustomed to riding the train, hailing cabs, and navigating the city late at night to find a much talked about house party with my friends.  

I feel like it is my destiny to live abroad and travel often.  I strongly believe I was put on this Earth to do something really great, and that I'm not going to find my calling in life in a traditional corporate setting.   I'm currently planning my next move abroad.  Will I be teaching again?  Freelance writing?  Perhaps I'll be doing something I haven't heard of yet.  Follow my journey as I take all the necessary steps to earn money and plan my next big adventure.

I have a LONG way to go.

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