Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Travel Photo of the Week - Kultfabrik

Kultfabrik is often described as Disneyland for clubbers. Located in Munich, Germany this string of bars and clubs is sure to leave any traveler with a story to take back home with them. I honestly have no clue how I ended up at Kultfabrik. I think a tour guide suggested we stop here after drinking at the Hofbrauhaus and one thing just led to another. There is every kind of bar possible at Kultfabrik and I have vague memories of a tiki bar, an Aussie themed bar and some kind of giant dance floor where I drank vodka sodas until the wee hours. Don’t even think about putting your purse down while you dance here because it will be gone in a heartbeat. I remember scurrying outside in the snow to find a cab with my group of new friends after a long, sweaty night of dancing. 

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