Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick and Nerdy - Pak Chong (Khao Yai)

Pak Chong (Khao Yai):
Thank you Meanwhile in Thailand for another Quick and Nerdy!

·       The gateway to Khao Yai, Thailand’s largest National Park, Pak Chong is a small, quaint tourist town.
·       There are numerous hotels, many of them boutique and reasonably priced since this area caters as much to Thais as to foreigners.
·       Khao Yai offers a number of adventure related options: cave tours, trekking and exploring.
·       The city itself is small and spread out, so don’t plan on walking anywhere.


·       Khao Yai – the main attraction here offers jungle tours, treks, animals, cave exploration, waterfalls and springs; most people don’t come here for much else.
·       Animal tours – elephants are the real main attraction here, but there are also smaller tours that focus on bats and bugs, but I can’t promise they will interest most people.
·       Chok Chai Farms – Again, this is mostly for Thai people, but you can tour their farms for 300 baht and sample the ‘best burger in Thailand’. Most Westerners probably won’t find it interesting, though, so you’ve been warned.
·       Replica Spanish Village – Sort of an odd stand out, it’s about ten minutes away from the main city and not much else.

Get Around:

·       A taxi, motorbike or tour is a necessity here, though you can probably arrange one for cheaper than say, Phuket.


·       Unless you plan on a three day jungle trek, don’t plan on staying long. It’s small and Khao Yai isn’t the most spectacular sight in Thailand.
·       If you aren’t Thai, you’ll probably want to go on the full day tour to see elephants, as the half day tour can focus almost exclusively on bats and bugs. Do see the bats exiting the caves at dusk, you will be amazed at how many there are, but don’t make it an all-day adventure to see them.

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