Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick and Nerdy - Koh Tao

 Thank you Meanwhile in Thailand for another Quick & Nerdy!
Ko Tao:
·       The smallest of three islands on the northern side of the Thai peninsula, up until recently it had been the least developed.
·       It’s known as a diver’s paradise, but at this point in its development, it’s only somewhat distinguishable from Ko Phangnan and Ko Samui, though the diving remains its hub.
·       Ko Tao means Turtle Island, though you probably won’t get a Thai person to understand unless they already have an idea where you are going since tones are quite difficult to say as a non-native speaker.


·       Sairee Beach – the main tourist beach is quite pretty, though it is so rocky that won’t be able to swim at all during low tide. Instead, come for happy hour and the sunset.
·       Ko Nang Yuan – this small island lies just a short longtail boat ride away from the main Sairee Beach, but it offers a great beach between the sandbars connecting the two small islands, along with some snorkeling and a hilltop view.
·       Rock climbing – Other than Krabi, this is probably the second best place for it in Thailand
·       Diving – this isn’t a sight but there are dive schools everywhere and plenty of places to dive. They no longer remain cheap even for tourists.

Getting Around:

·       If you are on Sairee Beach, you can walk pretty much everywhere but the main ferry port. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a cab which typically costs a flat rate of 200 baht. Longtail boats can also be arranged for various prices, usually 200 to 1000 baht depending on how far and how many people.
·       You can also rent bikes and scooters pretty much everywhere in town.


·       Book the Lompraya ferry in advance. It’s a catamaran and otherwise, you could be in for a rough, crowded ferry ride to the small island.
·       If you are travelling any time near a full-moon party, be aware that the ferries will get crowded and booked full of undesirables.
·       Try and explore some of the hillsides for beautiful views of palm trees out over the water, even if you aren’t up for rock climbing.

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