Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick and Nerdy: Chiang Mai

Thanks Meanwhile in Thailand for another great Quick and Nerdy! 
Chiang Mai:
·       The biggest city and biggest draw in the North of Thailand, where it’s slightly cooler and more mountainous.
·       Temples. Chiang Mai has a maze of temples.
·       Adventuring. Whether you want to zipline, bungee jump, pet a tiger or find more nightlife (prostitutes), Chiang Mai has it.
·       Chiang Mai is technically the fourth (or fifth) most populous city, but really it rivals Phuket as its second largest and most important due to its religious importance. Numerous festivals, especially Loi Krathong and New Years are celebrated here, even more than elsewhere in Thailand.


·       Wat Doi Suhtep – at the top (or almost top) of a mountain, this golden Chedi rivals The Grand Palace for the premier temple in Thailand. The view down of Chiang Mai is nice as well, though the Songtao ride might take a little bit out of you.
·       Wat Pra Singh – In the middle of the city, this giant Wat is bigger and prettier than most.
·       Tiger Kingdom – You can pet a comatose tiger for several hundred baht.
·       The Ancient City Walls – littered throughout the city are the remains of the ancient city walls. You almost don’t need to seek them out, you’ll come upon them naturally.
·       The main area of Chiang Mai is so littered with temples, wandering at random will take you past a great deal of smaller ones. Temples are generally open to the public any day of the week.
·       Walking Street – an endlessly long market, selling everything you ever wanted and most of it you don’t.

Getting Around:

·       Again, Chiang Mai has no public transportation so taxis, tuk tuks and songtaos are your way to go. They tend to be more expensive here than Bangkok, since you won’t get a metered price but at least they are cheaper than Phuket.
·       If you go up to Doi Suhtep, you don’t need to rent a car but you can go to the Songtao station and ride for cheaper than you would renting a car on your own.


·       The canal is dirty and rat infested. Stay away.
·       There are numerous outdoor activities around the city, enjoy some. Like Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai serves as a gateway to tigers, elephants, jungle trekking, bungee jumping and other outdoor exploring.
·       You can get a massage from the women’s prison, if you so choose.

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