Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick and Nerdy - Ayutthaya

 Thank you Meanwhile in Thailand for another great Quick & Nerdy! 
·       Famous for being the center of a thirteenth (through seventeenth) century kingdom, Ayutthaya holds numerous ruins and ancient temples in its archaeological park.
·       Located only two hours from Bangkok by bus or four by train, it’s a popular destination to explore some of Thailand’s history.
·       It’s also home to the Chang Beer Brewery, if that means anything to you.
·       Hot, dusty and surrounded by dirty civilization, Ayutthaya isn’t easy to love as a tourist destination.


·       The Three Pagodas of the Archaeological Park are what you will see on the postcard, always illuminated at night. What you don’t see is that the gold was stripped away years ago and the remaining concrete chedhis are less than inspiring during daylight.
·       Wat Pra Ram – The remains of a more Khmer styled prang, the ancient bricks stands high above the rest of the rubble.
·       Wat Pra Sri Sanphet and Wat Manhat – two of the other more famous ruins, and Wat Manhat is where the semi famous ruined Buddha statue resides.

Getting Around:

·       Once again, you are in Thailand. There are no taxis and very few songtaos here, so tuk tuks tend to be your only regrettable option.
·       Bicycles and scooters are also available for rent but much of the city has sprung up and around the remains so getting around is far from a country stroll.
·       The last and most creative option is to ride an elephant, though it would hardly be the most comfortable.


·       If you must go, a morning or afternoon is more than enough. If you plan on staying, stay at Tony’s Guesthouse. Affordable but it will book up, leaving you with one of the less palatable options.
·       The longer the stay, the less inspiring it becomes.

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