Monday, July 1, 2013

Passing The Time

Downtime is inevitable while traveling. Airport layovers, hours stuck on the tarmac and overnight bus rides are just a few examples when you’ll have to find some way to entertain yourself. While I was in Thailand, I had a ridiculous amount of free time. I didn’t work that many hours and lived alone in a tiny dorm room with no one to hang out with during the week. I discovered some new (and slightly bizarre) interests over the all the weeks I had alone. Here are some highlights:

·     Erotica. I should probably just call it smut. Not gonna lie, I’ve browsed some romance novels in my day prior to going abroad, but I downloaded entirely too many free filthy books on Amazon that I got mildly grossed out by myself.
·     Maya Angelou. I think reading 5+ Maya Angelou books while I was there kept my brain sharp and reminded me daily that I was (and am) a phenomenal woman.

·     Reddit. I never had an account on Reddit before and I got hooked fast. Even now, I’m a proud Redditor even though it can easily suck away hours of my time.

·     Queer as Folk. This show had me laughing out loud and in tears from one day to the next. I cried when I finished the series because I couldn’t mentally handle it ending. (I’m always this dramatic.)

·     Cooking with only a hot water pot. I made some disgusting dishes using ramen noodles, ketchup, powdered cheese and canned fish in my room. Everything I cooked usually made me bloated and attracted ants. At least I tried.
·     Eating candy. I have never eaten so unhealthily in my life prior to moving to Thailand. I would browse the shelves at 7-11 and just munch away. I was legitimately worried to go the dentist when I got back because I ate so much sugar. I came back about five pounds lighter in spite of my disgusting diet.

See what kind of exciting hobbies you can pick up when you have limited Internet access and plenty of free time? What odd hobbies have you picked up abroad? 

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