Friday, July 26, 2013

Hometown Adventures - Dublin's Chicago

I started a fun project for myself that involves alcohol and getting to know my neighborhood better. Since I walk home from work every day, I decided to stop in all the bars I can find between my work and apartment. My purpose is to grab one drink, then write a mini review on the place. I want to see how these bars/restaurants are for a woman just stopping in for a drink by herself.

In some ways it’s a bit out of my comfort zone. Even though I’ve traveled and dined out a lot on my own, it’s a little different stopping in places alone in my own neighborhood. I find in Chicago people are always in groups or coupled off, and sometimes I want to grab a drink alone and not feel uncomfortable doing so. To stay safe during this process, here are two few rules I will always follow:

-I will never leave my drink or belongings unattended.
-1-2 drinks maximum.

My first stop was Dublin’s Bar and Grill. I walked in around 4:30pm and found an empty seat at the bar next to two older men. I ordered a Hoegaarden beer for some reason and paid cash. It was so hot outside I welcomed the air conditioning and texted with a coworker who was meeting me in about an hour.

I was surrounded my drunk people and there were several people yelling at each other across the bar. As I was near to finishing my drink I was getting ready to head out, but the bartender refilled my glass and I decided to stay. The men next to me started talking to each other about Detroit, and other than a quick chat with the bartender, I kept to myself.

As I was about halfway through the second beer, the bartender offered me a shot, which I declined. Around this time, my coworkers arrived and I was given another free beer (I wasn’t alone by this time, so beer number 3 wasn’t breaking any rules!). Overall, Dublin’s is a great place to drink alone, but it could have easily gotten out of hand had I not stuck to my rules.

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  1. The day a bartender offers me a free shot is the day when my pants are literally stuffed full of $1,000 bills. #HardOutThereForADude