Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dream Destination - Karolyi Ranch

I am a huge gymnastics fan. Gymnastics in the 90’s is still an obsession of mine. While I still keep up with today’s gymnasts, there was something so unique about the 1990’s gymnastics scene. It was the decade of the pixie gymnast, an 80-pound dynamo flying through the air or turning gracefully on the balance beam.
The 1996 Atlanta Games was the first time the women had ever won team gold and I remember staying up late to watch Kerri Strug’s heroic final vault.

 In the 90’s there was one coach that coached all the gymnastics superstars we still remember today – Bela Karolyi. His ranch, located outside of Houston, was where his gymnasts lived and trained together. Karolyi produced gymnastics legends like Betty Okino, Kerri Strug, Dominique Moceanu and Kim Zmeskal. Today, his wife Marta has taken over the gymnastics program and Team USA still meets at the Karolyi Ranch once a month to train together. There are summer camps held at the ranch ever summer, but I’m afraid I’m a wee bit too old and I don’t do gymnastics anymore. My dream is just to tour the ranch, to see where my gymnastics idols lived and trained during my favorite era of gymnastics. 

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  1. And now gymnastics are dominated by 8-year-old Chinese girls (with forged papers saying they're older) who are so microscopic that they get blown over by the gust of someone speaking.