Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dream Destination - Greenland

As I was sitting down this evening to think of my next dream destination, Greenland came to mind. Why Greenland? Mostly because I know absolutely nothing about Greenland, and that intrigues me. 

Take me off the beaten path, I don’t care if doesn’t end up being the most exciting place out there, but I would never know unless I did some exploring.

Here’s my tentative list of things to see:
-witnessing the midnight sun or polar night depending on what time of year I go
-eating whale meat (don’t judge)
-seeing wildlife
-hiking and looking at glaciers

I clearly need to do some more research, but the unknown always draws me in. Have any readers visited Greenland?

1 comment:

  1. The last glacier/snow formation is epic.

    One of my friends moved to Sweden last fall. He's really, really far north, so he spent his first few months in a sort of perpetual darkness. And now his brain is just getting used to the midnight sun.