Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Travel Photo of the Week - Anne Frank House

One of favorite books is The Diary of Anne Frank and I have always been a bit fascinated about her life. I remember reading her diary in 6th grade, then again when I was in college and several times since then. I always wanted to visit the Anne Frank House and felt extremely blessed to have the opportunity to go to Amsterdam and pay a visit to this incredible museum with a story. This photo was taken outside, as photography is not allowed inside. My skin was covered in goose bumps as I climbed the rickety stairs up to the Secret Annex where Anne and her family hid. While all the furniture has been removed, the pictures in Anne’s room remain and it was heartbreaking to see what a creative and beautiful girl she was. I highly recommend anyone going to Amsterdam to pay a visit to the Anne Frank House. 

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  1. I bet people go there these days just to read Bieber's bullshit comment in the guestbook.