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Quick & Nerdy - Surabaya

Thanks go out to Meanwhile to Thailand for this Quick & Nerdy! 

Mount Bromo (Surabaya):
·       Mount Bromo is only one of the three or four main draws here, but it serves as the gateway to Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, a spectacular sight where an ancient Hindu temple stands in the ashen wasteland of volcanic remains.
·       Mount Bromo is an active volcano - only the crater remains. You can climb up to the top and look down into the smoking caldera.
·       Beyond Bromo, the volcanic mountain range can appear so desolate as to seem almost as if it stands above the moon. 
·       Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park is about three hours’ drive away from the main city of Sarabaya, though there are various other ways to reach the park, this is probably the easiest.
·       Surabaya, the third largest city in Indonesia, is nothing spectacular, but it is home to the (alleged) largest red light district in the world, if that is your thing.


·       The sun rise from Mt. Penanjakan – you have to get up early and walk up a mountain in the dark, but it’s what everyone comes here for. Arrange for a jeep to take you here and see the stars before the sun rises spectacularly over the smoky mountains.

·       Mt. Semeru – you can only climb if it you apply for a special visa, but just watch it in the distance and it may reward you with one of its frequent (almost daily) eruptions.
·       Mt. Bromo – after the sunrise, you can be taken down onto the Sea of Sand, to walk around the Hindu temple and up the steep sides of the ashy mountain.
·       The Poten – in front of Bromo and sitting on the wasted sea of sand, this Hindu temple is important in Hindu mythology in Indonesia.

Get Around:

·       To get here, you’ll probably need to hire a car (with driver) or take the bus if you are feeling up to that particular challenge. Once here, arrange for transport with one of the many jeep drivers at your hotel.


·       The Bromo area can become something of a ghost town during the day as most guests come to stay late in the evening, wake up early to see the sunrise, explore the area and then leave again. This can make buying water or finding something to eat a little more difficult than you’d expect. So if you plan to stay more than a day, bring snacks and supplies.
a rugged JKS
·       It gets pretty cold on the mountain in the dark, and just as quickly gets hot again as soon as the sun comes up.
·       Be warned that whatever shoes and clothes you wear will be so dusty you will consider throwing them away.

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