Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick and Nerdy - Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur:
·       Kuala Lumpur might the largest and most important city in Southeast Asia.
·       KL is a mix of developed, with high-speed trains, a state of the art airport and a modern downtown, and undeveloped, as the rest of the city struggles to catch up.
·       KL is short on must-sees other than the famous Petronas Towers, its purpose as a transport hub makes it almost impossible to see much of Southeast Asia without ending up here at some point. So try and enjoy it, I guess.
·       Another place famous for shopping and street food, the Muslim influence here makes KL at least unique in terms of its architecture. 


·       Petronas Towers – home to the State owned oil company, the opulent towers stand at the heart of the downtown and were once the tallest buildings in the world (briefly, and sort of technically). Book your trip to the top online and in advance, as it does fill up.
weather was not on our side!
·       KL Tower – A revolving restaurant, the KL Tower offers similar views of the city as the Petronas Towers only at a cheaper price and shorter wait.
KL Tower
view from the revolving restaurant - with a storm looming
·       Batu Caves – located a short train ride to the north of the city, the Batu Caves house a giant gold plated statue of Shiva. Behind the statue is a long climb up a wet, monkey covered stair case into the caves which house a small, unspectacular Hindu temple. Worth the ride and free admission, be aware you will probably feel like a shower afterwards based upon all the monkeys, pigeons and dripping water.
entrance to the Batu Caves
JKS spotted in red climbing the slippery steps
  Chinatown – dirty and crowded, Chinatown offers the real thing here. A central market is there for all your souvenir needs, as well as cheap, low quality food.


Get Around:

·       Kuala Lumpur has an extremely confusing set of trains that are unintegrated, meaning each line runs separately and as far as I can tell, tickets must be purchased separately. It is no one’s idea of easy, but they are fast and will get you over most of the city at the cost of some stress.
·       Downtown offers a great, free tourist bus that even has Wi-Fi. One of the best ways to get around downtown.
·       Additionally, KL has its fair share of taxis, but they can be a little pricey. You can rent a car, too, if you don’t mind the traffic.


·       KL is big and getting bigger. It can seem the most and least modern city in a matter of a few minutes.
·       Unless you love shopping, don’t plan on spending too much time here. Get out to the islands or beaches, or off to somewhere else.

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