Friday, June 14, 2013

Hometown Adventures - Hash House a Go Go

I think this is the restaurant to blame for America’s obesity problem. Humongous portions and rich dishes are just some of the specialties at this chain. I stopped in here last weekend with my brother after both of us were getting hangry and couldn’t make up our minds about where to eat.

Hash House a Go Go’s (ok, getting really tired of typing that) menu focuses on twisted farm food, or at least that’s what my waiter told me. The ingredients are fresh and the menu is full of classic recipes with an updated twist. Hash House a Go Go has been on many television shows including Man v. Food and The Martha Stewart Show, so I predict this chain is here to stay in my neighborhood.

I am probably the worst person to review a restaurant like this considering I don’t like brunch food, I hate enormous portions and would rather pay less for less food and prefer to keep a healthy diet. I scoured the extensive menu and went with The Basic – Two eggs, potatoes, fruit, a choice of ham and a biscuit for $7.95. After I ordered The Basic, the waiter questioned my choice. He tried to encourage me to order the Chicken and Waffles, which I politely declined. I could have easily cooked this meal in my own kitchen, but I happily ate the leftovers the next two days.  
The Basic - I clearly took a chunk out of that ham!
My brother is a heartier eater and went for the Fresh roasted chicken salad sandwich, which was a monstrosity of a sandwich. Definitely not for the carb conscious! Overall, Hash House a Go Go is a trendy chain with enough booze flowing to keep the brunch regulars coming back, decent prices and no chance of leaving hungry.
chicken salad

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  1. First graph, I think you forgot to put in the HTML tag for "(LINK)".

    I hope the last pic is a forced-perspective illusion, since that sandwich looks about the size of a human head.