Friday, June 21, 2013

Hometown Adventures - Farmhouse Chicago

I feel like I constantly hear about a restaurant that is “farm to table” and or use only the “freshest/most local ingredients” and then I’m greatly disappointed by just another average meal. This was not the case at Farmhouse Chicago. After a string of lousy meals the past couple weeks, I was blown away by Farmhouse.

My Dad and I were meeting up for dinner, and I wanted a place that wasn’t just typical bar food, and also wasn’t fine dining. I know my Dad loves a killer beer list, and he’s been known on several occasions to ask the waiter for the hoppiest beer on tap. After having drinks at Farmhouse one night with a girlfriend, I knew the beer list would impress him, but wasn’t sure if the food would hold up.

Farmhouse is a two-story restaurant, and we were seated in a quiet booth upstairs. Downstairs is perfect for drinking at the bar or for louder groups, while upstairs tends to be more for couples. Right away my Dad grabbed the beer menu to scope out the 28 (!) beers on tap. Farmhouse features a wide selection of beers from the Midwest, including some Chicago breweries. As an IPA fan, my Dad enjoyed three of Farmhouse’s local IPA’s, while I stuck with Revolution’s Rosa brewed with hibiscus. You can’t go wrong with drinks at Revolution, and non-beer drinkers will enjoy craft cocktails or wine, and all the sodas are made in house.

The food menu offers much more than burgers and fries. Grass fed steak, homemade soups and a variety of fish are just some highlights. I ordered the trout served with quinoa and a carrot purée. The fish was served whole and I can honestly say I cleaned my plate. The fish was perfectly cooked, and I welcomed the healthy sides. My Dad commented that his pork chop was cooked better than he could have done at home – that is a huge compliment!

Farmhouse is more expensive than a neighborhood bar, with entrees starting at around $20, but I felt a whole heck of a lot better than had I grabbed a greasy burger somewhere else. Eating at Farmhouse made me proud to be from the Midwest with such great ingredients being shown off. I will gladly return to this restaurant and would encourage all my readers to do the same.

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