Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dream Destination – First class on Emirates Airlines

Ok, I know flying first class on Emirates Airlines isn’t exactly a dream destination, but it’s a dream travel experience. How about that? Emirates’ is based in Dubai, which is definitely a place I’d like to visit, but for now I’ll focus on the incredible first class experience Emirates offers.

Emirates was the first airline I heard about to offer a shower on board. That’s right, a shower! Airplane bathrooms are usually disgusting, and I generally hold my breath and spend as little time as possible inside of one. Emirates offers a true spa experience, with marble countertops and five minutes of warm water in the shower! 

Additionally, each passenger has his or her own suite onboard the flight. Traveling with someone? Don’t fret; a divider pulls up or down depending on how chatty you’re feeling. The suite has a seat that folds into a fully pulled out bed, and of course there is an entertainment center and private mini-bar.

Speaking of bar, first class also has a lounge on board. This lounge is great for socializing or just stretching your legs and sampling the wine list. I’m so used to sipping on my cheap red wine and reclining my seat back a few centimeters, that the idea of a lounge on board is so foreign to me. The cuisine available in first class is top of the line. I don’t think they serve any of the rubbery noodles or grey mystery meat I’m used to in coach!

I was even considering applying to be a flight attendant with Emirates several years ago, so clearly I’m a bit fascinated with this airline! Until then, I’ll settle for flying coach as I’m usually too excited to even care that I’m crammed next to two strangers for the next 10 hours. One of these days I’ll fly first class on Emirates and enjoy every five minutes of that on board shower! 

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  1. I was surprised that the business-class bathrooms on my flight to Europe were the same as the shitty coach bathrooms. But I was flying Delta so why know what else is out there.