Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dream Destination - Cairo

There’s so much I could do in Egypt, but at the risk of writing an entire book on what I want to see, I’ll focus on just a few sites that have peaked my interest. I remember seeing a framed black and white picture of my grandmother outside the pyramids when I was little, and I would love to go where she went. Even though she is no longer alive, it would mean a lot to me to connect with her through travel. She and my grandfather traveled quite a bit together and my mom often tells me that she can see a lot of her mother in me and that makes me feel really special.

I know seeing The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx for the first time would be one of those I can’t believe I’m really here moments. During school, I watched countless specials on Egypt, and Chicago has had many Ancient Egypt exhibits at museums with artifacts on displays – but I want to the real experience!

During my visit I also see myself drinking lots of sweetened mint tea. My mom will brew up a large batch of it with fresh mint leaves from our yard, sweeten it with honey, and serve it in a large gold teapot after dinner. I can picture myself eating lots of Middle Eastern food and sampling various street restaurants. I’m also curious about trying Fatir – which I think is similar to Roti in Thailand.

Another spot I want to see is the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. I’m a sucker for a large market and have gotten pretty good at bargaining for treasures that I find. 

The more I read about Egypt, the more I want to explore. I haven’t ventured to this part of the world yet and my curiosity is clearly rising. 

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  1. Don't go until their long series of upcoming civil wars and domestic violence end. Thz plz.