Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Before You Leave For a Trip

There are many things on my do-list before leaving for an extended trip. From finances, forwarding my mail and packing my prescriptions, it’s important to get everything taken care of so I can relax and finally enjoy my vacation. Here are some tips for last minute trip preparation.
  • Call your credit card companies. Before any international travel it’s essential to call your credit card company and let them know all the countries you will be visiting. There’s nothing worse than having your credit card decline while traveling abroad, and suddenly be out of funds.
  • Always bring extras of your prescriptions and travel with them in a carryon or handbag. If there’s a prescription that is essential to your health, consider putting one supply in your suitcase and another in your carryon in case of theft.
  • A pile of unopened mail is a dead giveaway that you aren’t home. Depending on how long you will be traveling, there are several different options. Arrange for a friend to collect your mail, stop mail for the duration of your trip, or forward mail to another address if your trip is several months in length.
  • Accidents can and do happen while traveling. It’s best to read through your insurance plan and find out what your options are if you need coverage while traveling out of state or internationally. Learn what the steps are for submitting a claim before you are in a state of panic.
  • Figure out what (if any) adapter or voltage converter is necessary for various chargers. You can bet I’ve blown a fuse in a hotel room before from a hairdryer I mistakenly plugged right into the wall. Save yourself the embarrassment and buy a universal adapter  for all your gadgets. 
By utilizing these few short tips, you can save yourself the headache of being unprepared while traveling. What are some other things to consider before leaving for a trip? 

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