Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick and Nerdy - Singapore

Quick and Nerdy is written by blogger Meanwhile in Thailand and published weekly. 

·       Anthony Bourdain’s favorite city, the unofficial capital of Southeast Asia and the smallest, nicest country this side of San Marino.
The Merlion
·       274 sq. miles, 5.3 million people. Singapore is the third most densely populated country in the world.
·       The former British colony has experience rapid economic growth since the latter half of the twentieth century and is now one of the most developed nations in the world.
·       Malaysia’s Parliament voted 126 to 0 to expel Singapore from Malaysia after the two countries had merged only two years before.
view from the cable cars


·       Angry Birds Cable Cars to Sentosa – Great views of the port and skyline as they take you from the mainland to Sentosa Island and back.
they really are Angry Birds themed
·       Merlion and Marina Bay – the official mascot of Singapore stands in front of the skyline and opposite the Sands Marina Bay Hotel, shaped like a giant cruise ship on top of three sky scrapers.
Sands Marina Bay Hotel
·       The Zoo – exotic animals, a bird park and a night safari.
·       Hawker Stands and Food Centers – there are a lot, it doesn’t matter just pick a few for cheap eats.
·       Chinatown – cheap food, cheap, tacky stuff and all in a manageable, almost well-spaced environment. Plus, all the pork floss you could ever want.
·       The Waves – spiraling walkways at the beach.

Get Around:

·       You can take a cab, if you want, but the MRT is so good that it and your legs can get you anywhere you want on this small island.


·       Seriously do not bring drugs here. There are plenty of other places in the world that tolerate drug use but Singapore does not. You will hear a lot about littering and smoking but most of the time, you see people doing those things anyway. Just probably don’t partake.
·       Oh and it’s not cheap, especially for hotels as space is at a premium.
·       It’s also small but if you need a respite from the rest SE Asia for a bit, this is the place.

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