Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quick and Nerdy: Bali (Kuta)

Thanks again, Meanwhile in Thailand for another great Quick and Nerdy!

·       The main beach town in Bali, it’s where you fly in and where you’ll most likely be first overwhelmed by the traffic.
·       Kuta is a small subset of all of Southeast Asia; an interesting culture, a great beach, beautiful sunsets, tacky tourists, cheap shopping and the ubiquitous backpacker culture.
·       Known for its unique culture, architecture and important in Hindu culture, Kuta offers a gateway to beaches, sun, surfing combined with temples, religion and art.
·       Unlike Ubud or other parts of Bali, Kuta offers the most tourist oriented shopping. From luxury malls to cheap beach gear, you can find it right here on the beach.
Sunset at Kuta Beach


·       Kuta Beach – the main beach area offers a great sunset, as well as good waves for surfing (and ubiquitous rentals), so it’s worth a day or two in itself.
·       Tanah Lot – not technically in the city and possibly an hour or two away (depending on the traffic), Tanah Lot is the most famous temple in Bali. Situated on a rocky outcrop of an island, there is a Hindu temple up top that is both spectacular and crowded at sunset. Also, there are seven total temples at the sight, besides the main one and all offer some great cliffside views.
Tanah Lot

 Ulawatu Temple – The second or third most famous temple is smaller and slightly less crowded than Tannah Lot, but the cliffs are even higher and the sunset just as spectacular. You can’t go in the temples so be content with the beauty.
·       Shopping – enjoy the tacky, surfer and beach oriented shopping of Kuta Walking Street.
Cliffs at Ulawatu

Get Around:

·       Kuta’s traffic is terrible and many hotels in Kuta limit you to taking a cab so be prepared to spend a decent number of your time in a car here. Also, Tannah Lot and Ulawatu are both a distance away from the main city. If you are alone, try and arrange a tour but if there are several to your party, you can find cabs or car rentals (with driver) for $20 to $30.
Sunset at Ulawatu


·       Stay near the beach or the food options will be limited.
·       Go surfing. It’s surprisingly easy to stand up here because of the shallow water and good waves, although it can be a little expensive for a lesson, it’s cheap for a rental
·       Some of the food options are surprisingly good, just as some are horrifically bad. Carry Imodium, antibiotics and toilet paper. 

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