Friday, May 24, 2013

Make Date Night a Great Night

Looking for a romantic spot to impress your date, but not totally break the bank? Look no further than Chicago’s Bistronomic. The restaurant is a step from Michigan Avenue, and while some of the nearby establishments may scream tourist trap, Bistronomic is far from it.

The inside is small and cozy with a European feel. French music was playing when I was there which pumped up the romance factor even more for me. Dim lighting, private tables and candlelight also added to the ambience. A great date night restaurant for has to include mood lighting and minimal background noise. There’s nothing worse than shouting to my potential love interest across the table or feeling like the table next to me is on the date with me.

The menu consists of small and medium plates for sharing, and large plates to serve as entrée portions. While I didn’t sample any of the entrees, all the food I had was delicious and something I would order again. I’m obsessed with beet salads and not every restaurant does a beet justice. The chiogga & yellow beet salad is refreshing and the beets were tender.

Pasta is my ultimate comfort food and the Parmesan gnocchi is savory and not rubbery like some gnocchi I’ve had. My favorites were the melt in your mouth ahi tuna and seared scallops with pearl couscous. Even though everything we ordered were medium plates, the portions were plentiful and nothing was over $15.

I’m always happen to discover a restaurant that isn’t a chain in my neighborhood, and it’s an added bonus to find one with great food that leaves me wanting more.

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  1. Very true about too-close tables ruining pretty much any restaurant experience.