Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lost in Translation

Things get lost in translation a lot in Asia. I would often see packaging, t-shirts or signs that took me a second to figure out. The number of vulgar t-shirts I saw on people in Thailand was incredible. I saw a girl in a t-shirt that read "Top Teen Pregnancy Takes it in the Ass" that took me a good month to figure out. Out of the blue I had an aha! moment. Her shirt was supposed to read, "Stop Teen Pregnancy, Take it in the Ass." Lovely. Another favorite was a "Too Fat to Fuck" t-shirt that still amuses me.

I have a rule of thumb where if I don't know for sure what something says I'm not wearing a t-shirt with it on there, tattooing it on my body, or hanging it up on a poster in my house. Some of the signs I encountered were downright laugh out loud worthy without any text at all.  Here are some of my favorites in Asia: 

please don't squat on a seat toilet

The Romantic is certainly beginning! 

Cheap Charlie's in's a well known rule there

I am imagining the shooting!

This was always on the shower caps at my favorite hotel, turns out they are Billy Joel lyrics!

None of that on vans in Bangkok! Wish this rule existed in America.

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  1. I'm trying to figure out how they could actually enforce a No Farting rule. The guilty party could easily get away with it.