Friday, May 10, 2013

Hometown Adventures

Chicagoans flock to outdoor seating the second the temperature hits 60 degrees. On the first warm day in Chicago I knew I wanted to eat outside. I was also craving sushi and hoped to combine the two.

After cruising several blocks down Wells Street I stumbled upon Kamehachi (1531 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60611). There were already several couples enjoying lunch outside so I walked in and nabbed a table close to the large open window.

The inside was beautiful with hanging lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a sleek bar, and wood floors.

The restaurant was by no means busy, with only four other couples in the entire space, but it took a good ten minutes before I received a menu. There were several lunch specials to choose from, including bento boxes and combination rolls all for about $12-$15. My dining partner opted for a bento box for $13 that included miso soup, a salad, three pieces of nigiri, and 6 small rolls.

The miso soup and salad were completely average, and the nigiri was a bit questionable. I ate a few of the rolls but turned down sampling any of the nigiri. I’ll eat just about anything, but the coloring looked off on the fish, the shrimp appeared to be falling apart, and all the fish looked like it was cut jaggedly with a serrated knife.

I ordered a side of yellowtail and scallion rolls for a cheap $6 and was under whelmed. The rolls were mostly rice and definitely not anything I would order twice.

While the atmosphere, the warm breeze, and the company were all great, I can’t say I was wowed by my experience at Kamehachi. Lucky for me there are tons of sushi spots with outdoor seating this summer. Looking for a better option? Try Ra sushi (139 N State St, Chicago, IL 60611) in the Gold Coast for outdoor seating, and great happy hours specials. 

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