Friday, May 31, 2013

Hometown Adventures – O’Leary’s Pub, Danville, Illinois

I’ve been eating at a lot of bad restaurants lately. Not on purpose! O’Leary’s Pub in Danville, Illinois was so bad I had to laugh. I’ve been to O’Leary’s two other times and was indifferent about the place, but I can clearly see the decline that’s taken place the past few years.

For a restaurant that boasts lunch specials and a daily salad bar, O’Leary’s was practically empty at lunchtime. The décor is outdated with various antiques adorning the walls. The booth cushions are filthy with years of crumbs ground into the fabric. I witnessed the waitress cleaning up after a group by slapping a dishtowel repeatedly on the booth. I’m not sure what that did other than spread germs onto the towel, which she then used to wipe down the table.
booths at O'Leary's 
My Great Aunt had a taste for a burger, and the famous O’Leary’s burger has a note on the menu stating to allow 30 minutes for a well-done burger. We joked that they were going to go out back and shoot the cow, because I’m not sure what else could take up 30 minutes for a quarter pound burger patty. She ordered the burger medium-well, and the burger arrived about 20 minutes later completely blackened.

medium well?
She let the waitress know the burger was indeed overcooked and the item was taken off our bill, but I have to wonder why this burger even left the kitchen. On our way out our waitress let us know the chef told her to bring the burger out even though she protested. There is clearly a communication problem among the staff and the blame game is the current way of dealing with conflict.

the lunchtime salad bar 
I ordered the chicken quesadillas and was a bit surprised at the presentation. If I had to take a guess, I think O’Leary’s forgot to add the cheese so just put it on the outside. The quesadillas were served on top of wilted lettuce with a garnish of salsa and sour cream. They tasted ok, but the dirty appearance of the restaurant made me hesitant to dive right in.
inside out quesadillas! 
My mom’s chili arrived with a standard pack of oyster crackers on the side. The beef chili was mostly beans with one exceptionally large chunk of meat. 
is that a meatball? 

I looked longingly out the window at the Steak & Shake across the street, wishing I was there enjoying my lunch. O’Leary’s has clearly deteriorated over the years and needs a big overhaul to compete with all the chains popping up in Danville. Yelp reviews show that I’m not the only one that feels this way:
dining area 

Has anyone else noticed these changes at O’Leary’s? 

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  1. You should start reviewing all the Denny's around. :p