Friday, May 17, 2013

Hometown Adventures - Cru Restaurant

On an unseasonably cold day last weekend I set out for a restaurant in search of a delicious, cozy meal with my mother. Cru Restaurant (25 E Delaware Place Chicago) is in Chicago’s trendy Gold Coast neighborhood, just steps from high end shopping and nightlife. It’s also where Feast Restaurant used to be, which was a great spot (now relocated to Bucktown). I either had amnesia, or am just too forgiving, because I wasn’t blown away the two previous times I ate at Cru, but nothing was as bad as Saturday night’s dining experience.

The inside of the restaurant is beautiful with chandeliers, dim lighting, a roaring fireplace, and quiet tables. For a Saturday night, the restaurant was nearly empty, but our waiter was MIA for the majority of our meal. We started the meal with two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc at $13 a piece and nursed the drinks throughout the meal. It became apparent early on that we would not be staying for a second glass.

My mom ordered the salmon special and I had the baby arugula salad and seared scallop. I can’t tell if Cru is trying to encourage more sharing with the large number of shared plates or what the theme of the restaurant is trying to be. A warm breadbasket is a thing of the past at Cru, so we waited patiently for the food to arrive. My arugula salad came looking like a plate of bagged greens was dumped onto a plate. A few cheese slices lay strewn about and the supposed Pink Lady apple component was a wisp of a slice I found at the bottom of the salad.

The seared scallop was exactly that. One silver dollar sized scallop next to a chunk of pork cheek. For $14 I guess I expected scallops instead of a scallop. The fish of the day was a slimy piece of salmon served on top of watery turnip puree and some under-cooked vegetables my mom attempted to eat. A busser cleared our plates and asked how the food was, but our waiter never returned to inquire and did not even ask if we wanted dessert.

The bill? A whopping $80. For that price we could have split a steak and sides at Gibson’s!  While not all Hometown Adventures turn out as planned, there are so many amazing restaurants in Chicago, and I’m looking forward to my next great dining experience!

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  1. I very much enjoy that you're not ahead to give a restaurant a poor grade. Too many restaurant/travel blogs just rave about stuff.