Monday, May 6, 2013

Add These Items to your Packing List

Mini flashlight—The power can and will go out at some point during your travels. Relying on a cell phone backlight isn’t ideal when the lights go out in your guesthouse so be prepared with a small flashlight.

Aquis Adventure Towel—Not every hotel provides towels and it’s always smart to keep a small one with you for sweaty hikes or an impromptu swim. 
available in pretty colors too!

Condoms—These are not standard country to country, so if there’s a brand or size that you like from back home, bring them with!

Feminine products—These too are not available in the same styles as back home. Tampons are hard to find in Asia and other parts of the world, bring enough with you or be prepared to compromise.

Travel laundry detergent—Hand washing underwear in the sink is inevitable on long journeys. Sea to Summit makes soap leaves that fit in a container the size of your palm for just $3.95.
these have a light green tea scent

Small garbage bags—These can be used for wet swimsuits, vomit bags, or a place to store dirty shoes. You’ll never regret tossing a couple small bags in your backpack.

Toilet paper in a Ziploc—Toilet paper is not always provided in guesthouses or public restrooms when traveling. Bring your own and save yourself the embarrassment.

Nail clippers—It kind of slipped my mind that my nails would grow while traveling. Now I always bring a pair for clipping loose threads, hangnails, and in a pinch they can serve as scissors.

Electronic whistle—If I’m walking alone at night I always keep a whistle tucked in one hand. I’d rather be safe than sorry and electronic whistles give off a deafening noise that can alert for help.
available at all sporting goods stores

Instant coffee/tea bags—Hot water is easy to find, but a proper cup of tea or coffee can be a challenge. Bringing your own can be comforting and make you feel more at home in a strange land.

tea makes everything better

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