Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Look Inside my Thai Apartment

For anyone looking to rent in Thailand, here’s a look at my extremely basic Thai apartment. It was a first floor walkup with one main room, a small balcony for drying clothes and a bathroom. Most rentals won’t come with a kitchen since everyone eats out. I made due with a hot water pot and mini fridge just fine. The green glow throughout the apartment is due to the light reflecting off the green curtains. Let’s go on a tour!
the outside

My sleeping area consisted of two rock-hard “beds” complete with what resembled couch cushions adorned with teddy bears. My apartment earned the named of Bear's House right away.
welcome to Bear's House!
 Beds in Thailand are notoriously hard, but I’d never seen a bed like this. I’m pretty sure I pinched a nerve in my back from spending so many hours on this bed because half of my butt actually went numb for months! And yes, that is a beach towel on top used as a sheet. Thank you CIEE for my included accommodations!

sleeping area
rock-hard bed!
There was a little bit of space to walk around, complete with a desk and wardrobe. I was lucky that I had air conditioning, so heat was never a problem in my small home.
living area
My bathroom included what I like to call a shoilet. This is a shower inside the bathroom that sprays all over the floor and toilet. Great for cleaning purposes, lousy for keeping the toilet seat dry. This is a very typical bathroom and most hotels will have this identical setup.

This was the grossest part of my apartment – the urinal. It was right next to the toilet too so I had to look at it every time I went to the bathroom.
My view was nothing to write home about, but the sounds that came out at night were something special. Cats in heat, dogs barking and geckos that made an, “UHHH OHHH” sound all night. I also had several small lizards that crawled around my apartment that kept the bug population down. 
my view
While I don’t miss my Thai apartment, I certainly created a lot of memories there. From figuring out how to turn the hot water on, learning how to shower without flooding everything to all the times I slipped and fell on the slick floor – I’ll never forget Bear's House. 

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