Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The best (cheap) drinks in Thailand

Thailand is best suited for beer drinkers.  Unless you have disposable income, ordering a glass of wine or a cocktail at any bar will cost about four times more than a beer.  Don’t expect any craft beer, as you are unlikely to see anything other than Chang, Leo, Singha, or Tiger.  The occasional Heineken is available, but unless you are at a nicer bar or hotel in Bangkok, these are your best options. 

More than one big bottle of Chang is likely to give you a Changover (a term I wish I had coined myself) and remember, Chang Domestic is stronger than the Export, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Or you can really throw caution to the wind and pick up an Archa Beer (only available at select 7-11s)

All Thai beer is best served over ice due to the sweltering temperatures.  I like to call this Thai bottle service! 

I first discovered Mont Clair wine when I was stuck inside a shopping mall during a thunderstorm in Hua Hin.  At around 300 baht per bottle (about $5), it seemed like a great break from all the beer.  I’d compare it best to Charles Shaw (2 buck Chuck) from back home.  This South African wine is available at nearly every 7-11 I went to, as well as Family Mart.  It’s a perfect companion to an overnight train ride or a quiet evening in a guesthouse.  

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