Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dream Destination - Antarctica

Announcing a new weekly feature - Dream Destinations! Each week I'll focus on a new part of the world I'm looking too add to my personal travel map. I'd love to hear from you, too, if you have any suggestions, maybe somewhere new I've never even heard of.

Ever since I was a child I've always been fascinated with Antarctica. I had so many questions about it since it was always at the bottom of the map. Why was it so far away? Who could live down there? Why was it always painted white? Why aren't there cities and countries, like everywhere else? It was the unknown that drew me in as a little girl and years later, it remains for Antarctica and for everywhere else. 

One day I came across a trip offered through National Geographic that blew me away.  I knew scientists and explorers like Ernest Shackleton traveled to Antatarctica, but now I realized it was becoming a place more accessible to travelers like me.  Well, ones with a hefty bank account, but still. 

This cruise goes to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands in 24 days aboard a luxury cruise ship.  The tour starts and finishes in Buenos Aires and leaves from November—March.  
What I wouldn’t give to a part of this, or a similar trip to Antarctica.  The photo opportunities would be fantastic with the amount of wildlife and scenery constantly surrounding you and I imagine being in awe for the entirety of the trip.  I will go to Antarctica, I haven’t figured out the details yet but I am going.  
Has anyone out there been to Antarctica?  I want to hear about it!  

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  1. My friend went there to work a random job, since there are a lot of weird types who just sort of end up there. Check out the Werner Herzog documentary Encounters At The End of The World. Beauty section where they go under the ice, and when looking at all the ice above, they call it being in "the cathedral."